Sunday, December 7, 2008

25 Days of Christmas~ Day 5!!

(I know it's actually day 7, still catching up!)

I finally visited my first Paper Source shop in Oak Park a couple months ago.
That's how I know I'm a hopeless aging nerd, the paper store gets me hot.
The Gingerpaper House Kit above is too awesome.

The gifts at the Paper Source are cute out of control.
I really love the Pigtail Kit:
AND the Jailbird Penguin:
For those of you who like to donate toys and gifts during the holiday season, my friend, Jessie, wrote a great article on where to donate in Chicago.


pestkaj said...

I get hot over the paper source too. I always spend way too much there. Did you manage to visit flybird too? You should head out here again soon and I can give you an Oak Park shopping tour =)

PS. Fly Bird's site

the wreath witch said...

wasn't oak park mall really cool ?
20 years

kim* said...

the pigtail kit is cute!