Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Mini Mod, All Grown Up: Rachel Ullrich

I've known Rachel Ullrich since she was a tiny little neat teenager with taste, style and interests well beyond her years and location. No offense, North County area of Metro St. Louis.

Now, she's a tiny little neat grown up and first-time expectant mama. I am over the moon with happiness for her and completely delighted by her TMI (no such thing to me) blogging about her pregnancy at Oh My God, This Is Really Happening. Baby Daddy drama, kickass vintage toys, doulas, and SO MUCH MORE!

I love her.

Rachel U. knitted the teeny sweater above for her 'little booger.'

Lil R was also inspired to open up an etsy shop after loving hand-embroidering modern chairs on onesies & snap shirts for her own sweetpea-to-be. The results have kept me squealing all week. SO CUTE.

Saarinen Tulip Hand Embroidered Onesie 0-3 Months

Eames LCW Lounge Chair Side Snap Shirt 0-3 Months

Hand Embroidered Bertoia Diamond Wire Chair Onesie 0-3 Months

Eames Rocker Side Snap Shirt 0-3 Months

I'm a sucker for an Eames rocker. Every baby should have one AND wear one!

From her etsy bio:

I happily reside in a gorgeous chicago flat with my boyfriend, two chihuahuas, two cats and four birds. When I'm not tending to our menagerie, crafting or coming up with some new hair-brained scheme, I can usually be found thrifting or eating breakfast.

I have always had a crafty tendency and have worked in many crafty fields from yarn dying and knitting to taxidermy to floral designing to cleaning estates and junking. Until now, all of these things have been my own selfish hobbies or jobs. I've consigned lots of hand-made items at different boutiques from time to time and have always intended on opening an Esty shop for this knit so-and-so or those vintage knick-knacks, but nothing motivated me enough until now. I'm currently experiencing my first pregnancy and happily embroidering my way through it. My shop is intended for me to share the hand-made items I'm making in preparations for my own dude, and hoping that you or a little baby or child friend you know will enjoy them just as much. In the meantime, I'm sure I'll find lots of awesome vintage items at estate sales or thrift spots that are too awesome to pass up that I'll be able to share with everyone as well!

Uh, oh! Looks like it's a boy!!! And I happen to know for a fact that she sometimes has 2 breakfasts. At Lula.

Peek into Rachel Ullrich's fascinating preggo life, and throw her some business. You'll be doing yourself a favor!