Monday, December 1, 2008

25 Days of Christmas~ Day 1!!


I'm still gagging down Thanksgiving leftovers, but ready to go all nutso for my favorite holiday.
Going to try to post all Christmas-y stuff for the next 25 days!
Recipes, cartoons, craft projects, gift ideas, music..we'll just see what happens.

Let's start it all off with a little wonderful insanity from Germany in the 70's, Christmas with Heino. It's long, but pretty great from any point in the video.

I'll continue the Frohliche Weihnachten theme with a recipe for Springerle cookies, and a super fancy Springerle rolling pin from Sur La Table:
Or a classic one available at everyone's favorite, Target:

My work here for today is done. See you tomorrow for Day 2 of my I Love Christmas Extravaganza!! xo, Rach


kim* said...

Now that roller is pretty snazzy. :)

Rachel said...

Right? If I had a $1000 cookie budget, I'd get both in a heartbeat. Ebay always has awesome Springerle molds and rollers, too.