Friday, January 16, 2009

When in Bklyn..

I've loved the Fred Flare web store long time.

Always perfect for a gift (for me) and the home of all things neat and cute, I was naturally psyched to learn they opened a brick-and-mortar shop in Brooklyn. Of course, two trips to the Borough of Kings later and I still haven't actually made it in the door, but some handmade Valentines created by moi are in transit right now (pictured above).

Why? For a good cause!

All valentines will be sold online and in our new Brooklyn store for the super friendly price of ONLY $4 EACH and ALL the proceeds from the sales of these valentines will go directly to Elder Craftsmen, an NYC based organization that brings craft workshops to local senior citizens. Our last charity event raised $5K. Can we beat it? With your amazing creation in the mix, I know we can!

Check out the Flickr pool.

So buy buy buy starting the last week in January and be charitable to some NY senior artists and downright sweet to your Valentine.


Anonymous said...

Most magnificent materials! If life were Jahn's Ice Cream parlor, baby, you'd be The Kitchen Sink!

the wreath witch said...

check out my new pic's
love your valentines ..
1 day just wasn't enough
time for me to get it together.

the wreath witch said...

Happy Birthday Rachel- Feb. 8th 2009