Friday, January 2, 2009

Xmas Card of theYear

Kime Buzzelli is my hero.
Her art is just my absolute favorite. I think I found her etsy shop a year ago or so, or may have even caught an article online that linked me to the shop. I can't remember. All I know is I'm in love with all her gorgeous images. I want to be one of those girls, have those toys and clothes and awesome make-up & hair.

My fine art & costume design background serve me well with my children's clothing line, but trust me, 10-15 years ago, who Kime is now would have been the prototype of who I would have hoped to grow up to be. Make sense? Her work makes want to paint & draw again, which is the best result of admiration: inspiration.

She also has a super rad boutique in Echo Park called Show Pony. I'm telling ya, this mofo is living the dream.

Anyway, I am Kime's friend on Facebook and was lucky enough to make it onto her Christmas card list after gushing over an image of this year's card. Got it in the mail today. I can't tell you how happy it makes me.
A million thanks, Kime!

And thanks again to Kim Romero. She does sooo much for me & this time, I received amazing O'Button ornaments (you can see one to the right of Kime's card) and a leopard ring I admired from afar. I'm a lucky, lucky girl.

On the left side over there, you can see a gingerbread girl ornament made by the talented hands of 4 year-old princess-in-training & Hannah Montana enthusiast, Amy Gruber. That also gets me completely giddy every time I catch a glimpse.

How am I ever gonna tear the tree down??

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kim* said...

You are awesome at what you do...keep doing it!

I would seriosuly buy everything if I had money :)