Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I super Heart AnomalyJewelry on Etsy!

I had a brief interesting morning conversation about Astrology.

The boyf speculated that there must be people who are so into it, they would attempt to conceive at a time that would have the baby born into a certain disposition. Hey, it's morning, you have to talk about something.
We mainly called shenanigans on the idea that everyone born during a certain window of time has the same personality.

I'm an Aquarius with a Cancer rising, if anyone's keeping score.

I personally wish my parents would have kept it in their pants for a couple weeks longer so I could wear, with accuracy, Anomaly Jewelry's Zodiac Kids Pisces necklace. Itta make-a me crazy!


Or better still, maybe they could have gotten it on a couple weeks sooner and I could honestly sport the wickedly awesome Capricorn necklace!


OR, I could put aside my mermaid obsession and regret not being born a Gemini, Virgo, or Two-Headed Kitten.




Anomaly Jewelry is offering free shipping until Christmas. Do it. Do it. Do it.


Leslie said...

Cool find! I*m off to check them out! I just got into the new astrology. I*m a Sagittarius / rat

kim* said...

wow havent seen these before, very cool!