Monday, November 17, 2008

Finally, Blogging!


I'm finally jumping in the game to blog about the children's clothes I make, my crafty interests and all the neat people I admire that give me such inspiration!

A dear friend of mine just single-handedly started designing a web page for Everso and really lit the fire under me to start with the writing. Thanks, Kim!

I'm gonna cop out and throw up some links until I have more time to get down to some real gabbing.

*clothREvisited featured our Kiss Baby Gown in July

*Our etsy shop was featured in an article for Associated Content about the Best Etsy Shops for Creative, Cute Kids Clothes in early October

*Green Baby Giggles reviewed our reversible bibs & recycled t-shirt baby gowns for their blog devoted to Earth-friendly baby items in October

*And a few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be interviewed about Everso Clothing as Venus Zine's Reader-of-the-Week

Thanks, y'all & I'll be back with all sorts of good pictures & chit-chat soon enough!

xo, Rach


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kim* said...

YIPPY, i beat the butcher i beat the cook i beat them all to leave a comment on your blogger!