Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th: Lulu Voodoo!!

I have been desiring to write up charming & gorgeous (black) art & (witch) craft powerhouse, Lulu Voodoo, for quite a spell. Laying Friday the 13th before her adorable lil feet seemed a proper sacrifice, so much so I wasn't the only or first to be moved to such a tribute.
Karswell, the charismatic cult leader over at The Horrors of it All (phenomenal pre-code comics blog & SO much more), is featuring an Evil Doll theme today at the bewitching Miss Lulu's suggestion.
Go! Love! Buy the t-shirt!!

Now. Back to what else makes LV so special.
Firstly, the magic that is Lulu Voodoo's Etsy Shop. Check out the hand-embroidered tees & extra rad belt buckles:

Second, her enchanting collage art that I am crazy lucky to have several pieces of in my personal collection.
This being my favorite:

And lastly, but mostly, our decades-enduring friendship (as evidenced by Polaroid, Halloween '95):

Happy Friday the 13th, Lulu! Love you!


Karswell said...

A double Lulu post day coincidence eh? That's really funny... it's like it's Lori's b-day today or something.

Wow, her store items are great, I should have her design a cool belt buckle for me. I bought a Black Lagoon one online from HOMS but it's too big for the front of my pants!

Thanks for the THOIA plug too, Rachel!

kim* said...

great photo!